competitive prices high quality fast execution
We execute orders at the lowest possible price meet the expectations of the customer. We carry out orders while maintaining the highest quality standards. We tried to make the waiting time on request as short as possible.
Headquarter of commerce and services company RAFALEX is located in Wilcze Błota Kościerskie, Stara Kiszewa. The owner of the company since 1997, is Rafał Wons. The business was launched on the basis of the slaughterhouse, which ran, and then gave to his son a father, Zygmunt Wons. At the moment of  Polish accession to the European Union, company has taken an action of infrastructure's modernization in order to adapt to the requirements of the EU slaughterhouses. In particular focused on:
  • expansion of the slaughterhouse plan;
  • equippment slaughterhouse with modern equipment;
  • implementation of the slaughterhouse control system of the technological process of HACCP, GHP, GMP;
  • expansion of the slaughterhouse's transport base.
At present, the company's operations are mainly products:
  • quarter of beef, meat, beef items
The company is constantly developing and investing in their development in order to raise the standards of production and also requirements of market and European Law.



We buy beef with access to the Customer, to establish both permanent cooperation with breeders and one-off orders. We cooperate with many farms across the country. We offer:
  • receipt of one piece
  • competitive prices
  • fast execution
  • the possibility of settling WBC
We sell meat across the country and the markets of the European Union. We offer in sales:
  • quarter of beef
  • elements of beef
Goods fresh or VACUM

We offer domestic and international transport (own transport fleet)


Trade and Service Company "RAFALEX"
Rafał Wons

Wilcze Błota Kościerskie 27
83-430 Stara Kiszewa
woj. Pomorskie

NIP: 591-143-54-03


tel: 058-687-64-06
tel: 798-976-804

owner Rafał Wons:

tel: 501-785-210

finances / HR:

tel: : 501-952-709

shipping / transport:

tel: 789-193-131

quality control:

tel: 058-687-64-06

purchase of:

tel: 501-785-210

tel: 507-591-150

tel: 505-326-657

export manager:

Yilmaz Altin
tel: +48 696-999-836